Read our Disclaimer and MiFID* Conduct of Business rules here.

*Belgian law of 30 July 2013 on increasing the protection of purchasers of financial products and services and broadening the competences of the financial regulator, several provisions, as well as the Royal Decree of 21 February 2014 about the rules of application of articles 27 to 28bis of the law of 2 August 2002 on the supervision of the financial sector and on financial services on the insurance sector, and the Royal Decree of 21 February 2014 on conduct of business rules laid down in the law on handling conflicts of interest in the insurance sector.

Expat & Co is obliged to comply with these “AssurMiFID Conduct of Business rules” and in this respect provides you with the following information:

1.    Our products and services

1.1.    Information about the concept of insurance underwriting

Expat & Co offers services of insurance underwriting, i.e. activities consisting of advising about insurance agreements, offering, proposing, doing preparatory tasks resulting in the conclusion of insurance agreements, and the actual conclusion of insurance agreements, and the administration and implementation (acceptance, issuing policies and riders, claims settlement, etc.). We only sell our own policies which we developed ourselves. We do not give advise about other products than our own products.

1.2.    Policy conditions and product sheets (IPID’s) 

Policy conditions and product sheets (IPID’s or Insurance Product Information Documents) of our Expat & Co products can be downloaded on our webpage. The downloads available are always the most recent version. Older versions are available from Expat & Co upon simple request or via the link in your policy.

1.3.    Numbers of major branches and titles (* = what we offer)

1: Accidents*;

2: Health*;

3: Casco Land vehicles other than railway rolling stock;

4: Casco Railway rolling stock;

5: Casco Aircrafts;

6: Casco Ships (sea, lake, river and canal vessels);

7: Goods in transit (including merchandise, baggage, and all other goods)*;

8: Fire and natural forces*;

9: Other damage to property;

10: Third Party Liability motor vehicles;

11: Third Party Liability aircrafts;

12: Third Party Liability ships (sea, lake, river and canal vessels);

13: General Third Party Liability*;

14: Credit;

15: Bail;

16: Miscellaneous financial loss;

17: Legal Assistance*;

18: Assistance*;

21: Life insurance not connected to investment funds;

23: Life insurance connected to investment funds;

26: Capitalization operations;

27: Administration of collective pension funds.

1.4.    On distance Sales

When the policy is concluded on distance (email, telephone, website) policies can be cancelled again within 2 months after conclusion, provided no claims have been introduced within this period. A pro-rata temporis premium will however be counted for the insured period.

1.5.    Fees, taxes and costs

For our insurance distribution activity and settling claims we receive a commission from the insurance company, which is part of the premium you pay as a customer.
If you work through an insurance intermediary, we share the commission we receive with this intermediary for his advisory work. No extra commission is charged because you work with a broker.
On top of the net premium, where appropriate, there can be added installment costs (for split payments), payment costs (bank costs on international and credit card payments), and taxes which depend the country of insurer and/or client.
In some cases (e.g. advice about social security) we can also charge an advice fee to our customers. Where appropriate, this will be set out in a separate agreement.
More info you can find in our customer file for corporate clients or customer file for individual clients.

Please note that when you start to compare different insurance products, you shouldn’t just compare the estimated costs and expenses with one another, but also take other elements into account such as the scope of the guarantees, the amount of your deductibles, any possible exclusion clauses and extra services.

2.    Information about conflict of interest policy

The Belgian AssurMiFID conduct of business rules require Expat & Co to prepare a written policy on handling conflicts of interest. More information about how Expat & Co will deal with this is available here: Conflict of Interest policy.

3.    Complaints policy - What if you’re not satisfied?

The Customer or Insured Person may send any complaints about our Insurances or our services to:
Expat & Co BVBA, Assesteenweg 65, 1740 Ternat, BELGIUM, info@expatinsurance.eu. Please use the complaint form, that will help you to include all data we need to handle your complaint.
You can find the complete complaints procedure in our complaints policy.

The exact addresses and contact details you can find in the policy conditions.

This does not exclude the possibility of legal action.

4.    European Passport

Expat & Co has a European passport and is therefore authorized to work in insurance matters in all countries of the EEA, including Gibraltar.
The register of insurance service providers is kept by the Belgian regulator FSMA in 1000 Brussels, Congresstraat 12-14 and is available here (click on "Lijsten" and "Register van de verzekeringstussenpersonen").

5. General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and Cookie policy

Expat & C° takes the privacy of its customers very serious and therefore is GDPR-compliant. Expat & Co processes personal data for the acceptance, management and execution of the contracts, including claims, that you wish to conclude with us. Such data may also be transferred to contractually involved insurance companies, as well as experts, aid workers or care providers, both in and outside the EU, for which we will act as data processor.

Please follow this link for further information on our GDPR & cookie policy.

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