Business Travellers Insurance

Expat & Co's Business Travellers Insurance is designed to offer security during your travels around the globe. From sending a substitute in case of emergency to overbooked flights and missed connections: we make sure you can continue your business trip as intended.  Available in Business and First versions, Business Travellers Insurance incorporates all the important features in a simplified package and offers private insurance coverage at a lower cost. 

Create your personal insurance package

Starting from 2 Core Modules: Medical Treatment Costs and Assistance to persons.

Add a variety of options

including coverage for Travel Discomfort (Travel cancellation and more), Baggage, Accidents, Non-Contractual Liability in Private Life.

Travelling at less frequent intervals?

Take out a Click & Fly policy: purchase 100 pre-paid travel days which can be used by members of your organization on the road. Pre-paid contracts are fully manageable online.


Our multilingual alarm centre is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Whether it's a medical emergency or a problem with your home, our representatives are on hand to offer all the support you need.

Easy online

Business Travellers Insurances can be fully concluded and managed online.

Module 1: Medical Treatment Costs

This module covers:

  • hospitalization or ambulatory treatments in case of accident / illness;
  • dental surgery following accident;
  • urgent dental care;
  • ambulance / helicopter transport;
  • follow-up treatment;
  • physiotherapist, chiropractor, osteopathy;

and more...

Module 2: Assistance to Persons

This part of BTI covers you for:

  • referral service
  • linguistic assistance
  • repatriation / evacuation in case of illness or disaster;
  • compassionate visit
  • sending a substitute*
  • early return of manager in case of severe event at the office*
  • legal assistance;

and more...

* collective underwriting only

OPTION 1: Travel Discomfort

This bit is here to cover you for:

  • cancellation, curtailment or diversion to other destination;
  • travel delay, flight cancellation, missed connection;
  • compensation over-booked train / flight / hotel;

and more...

OPTION 2: Baggage

We've thought of the goods too:

  • theft or damage to personal belongings;
  • professional materials (samples, machines);
  • purchase of essential clothing in case of baggage delay;
  • theft or loss of travel ID / documents.;
OPTION 3: Accidents ****

This option offers you a lump sum in case of:

  • permanent disability due to accident;
  • temporary disability due to accident;
  • death by accident;

**** including wintersports and underwatersports in First version

OPTION 4: Non-Contractual Liability Private Life

And just to make sure you're covered for absolutely any eventuality, we also cover you for:

  • physical damage to third parties
  • material damages to third parties


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