Expat & Co: more than just medical expenses

Expat & Co: more than just medical expenses

When it comes to expat insurance, most people automatically think of medical expenses. After all, these can seriously thwart your foreign plans. Just think of hospital admissions with sky-high bills (America, we're looking at you) or even a simple doctor's visit that turns out to be a lot more expensive than expected. Medical expense cover is therefore often a priority in expat insurance policies. Unfortunately, accident(s) rarely come alone and potential risks are not limited to medical considerations. What if you accidentally cause damage to third parties? Or a thief makes off with your most precious possessions? Expat & Co goes a step further and we would like to explain some of the modules of our Expat insurance below. 



When going on your adventure abroad, it is best to take out 'Private Civil Liability Insurance'. Quite a mouthful, you might know better as ‘family insurance’.  Usually, this insurance covers physical and material damage that you, your partner, your children or even your pet cause to others. It is fair to say that this type of insurance is pretty well established. Moreover, it guarantees coverage across Europe and sometimes even worldwide, for up to 90 days abroad. But that is precisely where the issues arise for many expats. Genuine globetrotters reach their 90-day limit in the blink of an eye so, for them, we provide an additional liability module in our expat insurance. A module that will allow even the most accident-prone traveller to go on an adventure without worrying.


House, garden, insurance?

The term “expat” refers to a temporary stay so most are more likely to rent a property abroad than buy one. And if things go wrong in your (rental) home, you are better protected. In Belgium and France, tenant liability is virtually compulsory for tenants. It is almost the same as fire or home insurance, but specifically for tenants and 9 out of 10 tenants take it out. Apart from fire damage, it also protects you against water damage, glass breakage, storm damage, and burglary damage. Moreover, you are also compensated for any damage you might cause to your neighbours, e.g. smoke and fire damage due to a fire in your home. Just like family cover, this fire insurance can also be included in Expat & Co's liability module. So, although it is not a legal requirement everywhere, it certainly gives you extra peace of mind. And you don't have to worry in your rented place abroad either. At least about the fixed elements in your home. But what about your 'loose' possessions?


From espresso machines to smartphones

Home contents insurance is another policy that is particularly interesting for expats. By household contents, we mean all the things in your home that are not fixed and therefore moveable. For example, your built-in kitchen may be covered by fire insurance (as it doesn’t move with you) but the espresso machine is covered by your contents, as are your expensive smartphone or TV.  Expat & Co's household contents insurance is specially adapted to expats and protects your most important and valuable items, at your address, but also during the move. But not your travel luggage; that is a separate arrangement - luggage insurance. The difference with household contents insurance is that it is not insured at address, but while travelling. And it’s particularly interesting for those who are constantly on the move. So your belongings are insured against uncertainties both at home and on the road. 


Tailor-made expat insurance

In addition to our family, fire and contents insurance, we have many other policies that will make your expat life a lot easier - including death cover, income protection or assistance abroad. And while we're thinking about health costs, our health insurance is also the only one that can serve as local insurance in the destination country, supplementing more than 15 social security arrangements, but also being perfectly portable and adaptable anywhere in the world (see Chameleon principle). Flexible and comprehensive, for expats and their employers. 


Want to find out more about which modules might be useful in your specific situation? Then go to expatinsurance.eu/nl/expatverzekeringen/expatverzekering and create your own policy! 


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