Health insurance with expat DNA

Health insurance with expat DNA

Imagine the following... You’re living with your family in Sweden and then move to France with all your belongings for your job. Or you follow the love of your life from Germany to Italy. Or you live in good ole Belgium, but get a promotion for the United States. All of these are exciting, engaging, stimulating, dreamlike (fill in your own words) situations. But what about your health insurance? Start everything from scratch in your new country? Including medical examination?


From 27 caps to 1 cap for all weather

Expat & Co is an insurer, the only insurer (sorry, competitors), that has completely put itself in the shoes of the expat client. Small shoes, big shoes, hiking and mountain shoes, shiny, lacquered and stiletto shoes, business and gala shoes, you name it. After all, each expat has different needs. Result of this exercise in empathy: health insurance that works according to the now famous Chameleon Principle®. This principle makes your health insurance context-sensitive: it seamlessly adapts to where you pitch your tents. Once, twice, as many times as necessary.


A chameleon is a lazy animal

The chameleon, as you know, does not have to exhaust itself in searching for hiding places or complex escape and attack strategies. This ingenious animal automatically changes colour according to its surroundings. We would call this a form of ... uh ... laziness. Or call it pervasive efficiency. Back to the human world: like the chameleon, Expat & Co's health insurance allows switching between different insurance systems depending on the destination country. Without double costs. And also without the need for another medical examination. The latter is not a minor detail. If, for some reason, you do not pass the medical examination, you cannot go back to your previous policy either. And the last thing you want is to be abroad without medical cover, right?


Products that grow with clients

Thanks to the Chameleon principle, health insurance from Expat & Co allows you to switch between the "full cover" system as is common in Sweden or the US, and the "top up" system as we know in Belgium, Germany or France, for example. If necessary, you can even go into "sleeper" mode, for example as long as your employer vouches for your health insurance, or if you are required by your host country to take out local insurance. This way, you switch from one setting to another without having to undergo a new medical examination each time. After all, let's not beat around the bush: the older you get, the more likely you are to be medically excluded. An old car also often has scratches or dents, or even major flaws, and no longer gets through the inspection. Therefore, choose a system that travels with you and adapts to your situation. For life!


Chameleon inspires

Incidentally, the success of the Chameleon principle has inspired Expat & Co to create a similar principle in the field of life insurance: the Milestone principle. Expat & Co's death cover allows the guarantee to be increased while you’re “on the road”, at various pre-planned milestone moments (marriage, children, home purchase, etc.). Again without additional medical examination. Once more, it’s about maximum flexibility. The chameleon is never far away.

People grow, evolve, move. Life is dynamic. Especially if those clients are expats who, by definition, cannot be pinned down to one place on the globe! But local laws are not so easy to manipulate. As an expat, you have to adjust to this static principle. International insurance therefore needs to grow and move with clients, from one system into another, without losing coverage.


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